Hawaii Trip 2 – Oakley Style

I was given an AWESOME opportunity by Oakley to go to Oahu for a golf tournament. It was the experience of a lifetime. I couldn’t believe I was heading back to Hawaii for a second time, after I had just visited Hawaii for the first time a week before! Yup, prior to October 2012, I had never been to Hawaii, and here I was going to Hawaii twice in one month! Crazy.

I arrived at Turtle Bay Resort, and was taken aback by how beautiful this island was. I just couldn’t believe it. The North Shore is better than what you see in the movies.


 Hawaii has amazing sunsets! I watched this from the balcony of my room. It was breathtaking. I know, it sounds cheesy and cliche, but it was.

It was then time to head to dinner with the Oakley fam. I couldn’t wait to eat Poke!!!!

And when you are in Hawaii with Oakley…we couldn’t resist trying all the desserts on the menu!

Then it was time to head out on the golf course the next day with some of the pros.

Rockin’ out with new Oakley Women’s Brand Ambassador Carly!

The resort itself was beautiful. Beaches, pools, hot tubs, palm trees…loved it.

Day 2 of Golf! Oakley runs a series of Pro Am golf tournaments around the country, where pros and amateurs get together and play some golf. They get hooked up with Oakley sunglasses, an Oakley outfit, lots of schwag, there’s a raffle, silent auction, good food, and of course plenty of on course entertainment!

This was the perfect way to close out a super fun day!

Then it was time for some play time on Saturday!

We headed to the Oakley Pipeline house! I have never seen waves so big in my entire life. They were scary to say the least. I decided in that moment, that big wave surfing might be the most dangerous sport.

An Acai Bowl from a local food truck was a must!

The Oakley Pipeline house! This is where all the Oakley surfers stay when they are competing.

The breakfast buffet at Turtle Bay Resort was unreal. Super healthy and full of good stuff! YUM!

Plate 1. Forgot to take a pic of Plate 2.

The last day 🙁 It was time for one more Acai Bowl and then hop on a plane back to California.

Thank you Oakley Family!!! I had the most amazing time and can’t wait for the next adventure!

  • So jealous! Hawai’i is always my first choice for vacations. So much to do and always gorgeous!