Hawaii Part III

This is the last post about my fun vacation times in Kona, the next post will be all about my day spectating the Ironman World Championships! So, here is how I spent the rest of my week until Saturday came…


Beach cruisin’ in my bikini – this was a daily occurrence, and mostly I did it to try to completely get rid of my triathlon tan lines! It took a lot of effort…not kidding. Constant bikini wearing. I’m not gonna complain. I’m happy not wearing clothes:)


The best Acai bowl on the island from Basik. This restaurant is super cute and in a tree house that looks literally like a treehouse. Absolutely loved it, and I could have eaten there every day for breakfast.


I also picked up this new gadget while I was on the island. LOVE the new Garmin 910XT. I have a lot more testing to do with it, to really give a solid review, but so far it rocks! And just love how it has serious swimming capabilities now. It rocks for open water swims. Will be testing it in the pool in the coming weeks. And I got hooked up with a sweet neon green band. They were offering blue and green bands with the watch at the expo. I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to make my watch colorful. I love color!


Then it was out on the town for the night! I hadn’t been out this much in a loooong time. We literally went downtown every night. It was really fun!


Thursday at 8am was the Underwear Run. I was big time looking forward to this day, and it lived up to all of my expectations. The outfits were awesome, and gave me a lot of ideas for next year. This run has been taking place since the beginning of Ironman pretty much. The run was started to make fun of all the European males who would just walk around in their speedos all day like it was no big deal. Literally, they were just cruisin around town in their swimsuit skimpy’s. So, a couple guys, decided to make a run that essentially made fun of them. After that run you are not to be seen again on the island (males) walking around in your speedo. Women walking around all the time in bikinis is highly encouraged on the other hand. Go figure. haha. So, we dressed up..and gave it our best shot. I just went neon, HP sported ‘staches’, and Stanley was promoting the company she works for, 110% Compression. Lesson learned, even though it’s only a mile run, DON’T wear a bikini top. The girl’s were having a hard time staying put. Lesson two, make sure you are in the best shape of your life before gathering with the fittest people in the world. Lesson three take more pics of everyone else’s outfits, so I can copy them later 😉


Got to hang out with the legendary Bob Babbitt, before one of his morning recording sessions for “Breakfast with Bob”. We got hungry, and well there wasn’t any legitimate breakfast, so we checked out the scene and then peaced out.


Must get…shaved ice. The island has some great snow cones, and boy they go big or go home. These things were massive, even the small. I loved trying all the different flavors.


Another spectacular view at a bar, The Kona Canoe Inn. Tried my first real Mai Tai…unfortunately these are just not my thing. I will stick to wine, mimosas, prosecco, and taste like nothing beer.


Went cliff jumping…it was unreal! This is a photo I took of my two friends Andy and Johnny jumping off together. Pretty badass if you ask me. I jumped off twice. The first time…welp it took a few attempts before I actually jumped off. I couldn’t decide whether to push off with my right foot or my left foot. Then I couldn’t decide where I should jump off from, but after HP just went, I took off right after her. Now trying to get out is almost worse than jumping off. You jump off into the open ocean, but right behind is kind of a cave/lagoon, where big swells come in and crash. It’s really hard to not get sucked in. On top of that you have to climb up rock in order to get back to the top. I did not wear any water shoes, or any shoes at all, so I had to climb up barefoot. But, also, you kind of have to wait for a swell to push you in towards the rocks, then you have to grab hold and try to climb up right away, so that you don’t get sucked back out into the ocean. And the swell when it comes in crashes into the rocks, and shoves you up against them, which is scary. I cut myself a few times, and jammed my finger real bad. I thought it was broken, but fortunately just jammed it. On the second jump, a big swell came in just as I was jumping, and I literally got sucked back into the cave, came up for air, and all I heard was SWIM!!!! I literally swam for my life, another swell was coming in and I was possibly going to get THROWN up against the rocks behind me, and well things wouldn’t have turned out well for me. Fortunately, I swam hard, and got myself out of what could have been a really bad situation. Needless to say that was my last jump 🙂


These were some of the repercussions of cliff jumping. But total worth it! I love a good thrill.

The following are some photos of where we went cliff jumping. It was absolutely beautiful.




Then it was time to get cleaned up and head to the “Thank God I’m Not Racing” party put on by Competitor Group and Refuel. It was a super fun party! Met a lot of cool people. We even got hats and medals as if it were a race! The hats said…swim 0.0, bike 0.0, run 0.0. It was hilarious.


My “finish” line medal!

Then it was time for bed to rest up for a BIG day of spectating!