Hawaii Part I

I arrived in Hawaii on Saturday, October 6th after a night of celebrating my friend Hannah’s 28th bday!


Then we were up early to catch our flight to Hawaii! More celebrating ensued…

Pre- 6hr flight

In flight drinks!!



The view when landing in Hawaii! Unreal!

The luggage of three girls for a 10 day trip to Hawaii. Definitely know what not to pack next time!

Finally in Hawaii and already embracing the beauty and culture!

Coolest part of Day 1, was when I went to Waikoloa to visit family friends, and I was pleasantly greeted by a little blonde hair boy. My friend Holly said, his name’s Kainoa. I said that’s crazy, I know a pro triathlete who’s son’s name is Kainoa. I walked in the door and there was Bree Wee just hanging out with family friends who I’ve known my whole life. Crazy connection and a wonderful surprise! Bree Wee was awesome, super down to earth, and I hope I can get back to Hawaii and train with her a bit next year!

Last but not least to close out my first day ever in Hawaii. I got Lei’d…TWICE!!! 😉 Which really meant I got to make two wishes when throwing them into the ocean the next day!

More to come ASAP!