My Life Over The Last Two Weeks in Photos

Happy Hour with my friend Lauren. Tried sardines for the first time. YUCK!!! No bueno. Had to wash it down with the honey cucumber mimosa:)

Cheering on The Pack! So excited football season is back! Have something to look forward to every week:)

Lots of runs along here! 2 weeks til SuperFrog and 3 weeks til Ultra run.

Finally back in a rhythm and schedule and it’s paying off! What is your balance? I’m finally figuring out mine:) All I know is I’m PASSIONATE about triathlon. And that’s what keeps me balanced:)

Always gotta make time for the beach! Hanging out with my friend Nicole.

Sweet tan lines I know:( Rockin my new Oakley bikini and my fave Oakley sunnies, Underspin.

Always need a girlie book to read at the beach.

It’s been a good two solid weeks of training. Joined the Y in Encinitas and finally getting back in the pool. I really do love to swim its just always that first part of getting in when it feels cold that it sucks. Also been starting to add treadmill runs to my training and that’s helping me get some speed back in my legs after all this ultra training. For biking I’ve been sticking to the trainer for the most part, mostly cause its convenient and safe:)

Looking forward to racing in two weeks! Last half iron of the year!