30 Miles…

I am currently training for my first ultra marathon. It’s not an “official” race, BUT it’s at a dedicated venue, and has a name: The Mike Rouse Bday Run. I first met Mike Rouse back in March at an after work group run, instantly he started telling me stories, and I was intrigued. I later randomly saw him again as I was heading out on the bike at Oceanside 70.3, and again on the run. He IS the most interesting man in the world, and I couldn’t help but want to hear more of his stories. One time on a run, he started telling me about how he runs as many miles, as old as he’s turning in Kona, for his birthday every year, AND his birthday always falls around the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. I already knew I wanted to go spectate this year, especially since I moved to California, and I now lived that much closer. There was no question in my mind…I wanted to “sign-up” for the Mike Rouse Bday Run.

He’s turning 60 this year! And what better way to celebrate than run all day and drink all night…until we numb the pain. I don’t know how far I’ll make it but I’m going to run as far as I can. I’ve been training. I googled 50 mile training plans, and looked at a bunch of different programs, learned a little bit more how to prepare for an ultra and put a plan together, tweaking it along the way. I will post what I did when I complete the training, so hopefully, someone else can get some ideas for their training, and we’ll see how far my plan gets me:)

Yesterday, for the first time EVER I ran for 5hrs straight, covering 30.25 miles!!! The furtherest I’ve ever run in my life! I’m officially/unofficially an ultra marathoner:)!!! I have never hurt and been so happy during a “training” run, or any training workout for that matter. My brother and mom joined me for the last hour and they were my strength and support system for those remaining miles. I’m so thankful to have such an amazing family who supports me and encourages my craziness:)

On top of 30 miles in 5hrs, it rained HARD the ENTIRE time. AND I couldn’t have been happier. The rain made my run peaceful, and it was just beautiful to watch the rain fall from the sky. I literally was smiling, laughing, and jumping in puddles along the way. There was no place I’d rather be.

Taking it all in…

Ice bath time! The best way to recover!

Hurts so good!

Recovery was in full effect today…back at it tomorrow:)

  • Heck yeah! What a great run! Did you not get blisters from your feet being soaked? I just had a great ice bath this morning after running 15. Great job!