My Competitor Magazine Debut

A few months ago when I had started my job at The Active Network in San Diego, a writer for Competitor Magazine, Linzay Logan, reached out to me on Twitter. She said that she wanted to grab lunch and learn a little bit about me and my triathlon journey. We instantly connected and have become good friends. Then, out of the blue, she emailed me to see if I was interested in modeling for an article she had written. I said, “Absolutely!”. I headed over to Competitor for a trial shoot, and before I knew it, she called me up and told me I got the job! The article Linzay had written was on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

We headed out on the shoot in Pacific Beach in July, and had a blast shooting one Friday morning. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I warmed up a bit, and then we started shooting. We got right into the sprints. One, after another, after another. There was a group of kids that were already getting rowdy that morning at a bar, and before I knew it, I had a cheering squad and people bringing me water. It was quite the day!

Here are some shots taken by Scott Draper, a photographer for Competitor Magazine on the shoot.


Rockin’ my Oakley Underspins!

Takin’ it easy…just out for a jog:)

This is one of the shots that was chosen to be published in the August 2012 issue. We found this kid randomly coming out of the ocean with his mom, and asked if he wouldn’t mind helping us out for the shot!

Typical Pacific Beach traffic on the bike path, it made for a cool shot.

This is my favorite shot of the shoot, and it was chosen as one of the photos published in the August 2012 issue. Boy was I sore after running all of these sprints! It was like soccer suicides all over again.

This was the 3rd and final photo chosen for the article in the August 2012 issue. Love the arrow going the other way;)

Competitor Magazine is a FREE magazine, so go check it out! Great article by Linzay Logan, and great shots by Scott Draper! Thanks for an awesome day!

Top: Saucony

Bottoms: lululemon

Shoes: Pearl Izumi

  • You got some great shots there, and I think it’s super cool that you’ll be in a magazine!