Alrighty kids, I’m back, and in full effect! The transition out here to California has been a long one, between personal stuff, finding a job, and making friends, it’s been crazy! I raced Oceanside 70.3 with very little training, and ended up 13th in my age group. It turned out to be a relatively successful day based on my lack of training.  I instantly got my racing mojo back, and am more motivated than ever! I recently took a job at The Active Network (active.com), and have been working there for three months. The culture is perfect for me, and has helped me find what inspired me to start triathlon in the first place three years ago. I LOVE this sport. I love the challenges, I love working out, I love the people I meet, I love racing, overall, I just love the sport! So…after Oceanside, I immediately signed up for Racine 70.3, and I’m training harder than ever, and yet keeping balance. It’s funny how having a full time job, has actually provided me with more structure, and it has made training better and easier. It also helps that there’s a HUGE group of people who are into triathlon at Active as well, so we train and then grab beers, etc. It makes the balance of training and being social very easy! Love it!

So, next up is Racine 70.3, which is 8 weeks away! Can’t wait to race close to home! I get to stay at my parents house, just north of Milwaukee, and the course is fun and hot!

Last week I put in 17hrs of training. I love how open water swimming is very accessible here. I have been swimming at La Jolla Cove at least once a week, but I need to get in the pool more. I would say I have been struggling with motivation to get to the pool, but I think it’s because I haven’t found a rhythm of a place to swim at yet. There’s a pool at work, but there are no lane lines, although I hear that we are getting some. Because we have no lane lines, the pool becomes a wave pool, even if you are the only person in it. So, it’s not the most fun. Then there are two other pools, but one isn’t that convenient for weekday swims, and the pool is inside, and the other is more convenient, the pool is outside, but the lap swim times aren’t great. Hopefully, I can find a rhythm soon.

My biking and running are improving. I only just started incorporating speed work as of last week, because since I didn’t really have a base going into Oceanside, I decided I needed to do more base training to prep myself for Racine. It feels good to have a good base, and speed training went really well last week! This week is a BIG week of training. I will keep you all posted on how it goes. To start the week this week I did a 1hr 40min bike w/ 35min of tempo pace in it, with a 5min OTB run. Tomorrow I’m swimming 3500yds, lunch time 30min run, and then a 1hr 30min run after work w/ some tempo pace thrown in.

Yay to getting my mojo back and getting back into blogging!

Here are some photos from the past few months:

Supporting my friend Hannah at the Encinitas Sprint Triathlon just this past weekend.

La Jolla Cove

Oakley Product Testing Weekend in Newport Beach

Kimmie Rouse and I at the Triathlon Hall of Fame Banquet

The Legendary Foursome of Triathlon (Dave Scott, Mark Allen, Scott Molina, Scott Tinley)

OC Half Marathon

  • Thanks!

  • Glad to have you back:)

  • Way to go on the Oceanside half! 13th is solid. I hope you like Racine a lot. Lake Michigan didn’t cooperate with me last year at Steelhead. Hopefully you’ll actually be able to swim. Keep up the good work, and keep the posts coming!