On Saturday, I went for 90min bike ride, and followed it up with a 45min run. I was running along a dirt trail, and about 5min into the run, I stepped into a divot and rolled my ankle:( I had fallen in the process too, and ended up doing a somersault! I stood up for a few minutes fighting back the tears, and slowly started to shake it off and walk on it. I’m pretty stubborn so even though I knew I had sprained it, I decided to continue on my run anyway. It eventually loosened up and even though it hurt, I could run on it. Afterwards, I iced it, then sat in the jacuzzi, and had a friend work out some of the swelling by “milking” it. Same routine on Sunday and I went for a 10mile run and although it’s sore, it’s healing fast.



The worst of it was actually how much I scraped up my back.


Onward and upward! Still training. Everything will fully heal in due time:)

2 thoughts on “Tumble

  1. Ouch! That looks super painful! I just found your blog today and am your newest follower! Way to go on all your accomplishments last year. I have a friend that did IMWI and finished about the same time you did. Good for you for going pro! I’ll be watching your journey. Keep up the good work!

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