Ironman Arizona Training – Week 1

Last week was an awesome training week! I’m not one to usually enjoy easy sessions, but this week was all about just getting my body moving after I completed my very first Ironman, at Ironman Wisconsin. Coach sent me an email telling me how many swim, bike, run, strength, and walk sessions to get in and how long each should be, all being in Zone 1, or what coach likes to call foundation effort. The only rule was no more than two swim, bike, run sessions in one day, but I can add a walk or strength.

I normally love a routine, and a regimented schedule but after pretty much 9 months of regimented training, I welcomed the flexibility. It was fun, I planned the week out but if something came up, or I felt like doing something other than what I had planned, then I just changed it. Having that flexibility last week, felt awesome.

Due to that flexibility, I was able to freely celebrate my mom’s 56th bday on Saturday without having to worry about getting any big training sessions in. And boy was that fun, and also nice for my family. Because usually when I’m with my family, I’m always concerned about getting my workouts in and I usually have to miss at least one thing even if it’s small to get my training sessions in.

So, my parents drove down to Chicago from Milwaukee, and we headed to the river, because my sister had purchased architecture boat tour tickets for all of us as her present to mom. I was kind of weary about how much fun this tour was going to be, but it turned out to be really interesting. I learned a lot of fun facts about Chicago, and the buildings that are along the river, and our tour guide was awesome.

Then it was time for some birthday girl shopping at Nordstrom’s! My mom very generously also bought me a new pair of shoes for her birthday…lol.

We were getting kind of hungry so we stopped at The Billy Goat Tavern for some drinks before our dinner reservations at Carnivale at 7:30.

Sunday, it was all about football! I perfectly planned my three hour training ride during the Packer game, and let me tell you, that’s the way to do it, because the time flew by!

Now, I’m revved up and ready to go for my first real build week for Ironman Arizona!

  • Fantastic IM Wisconsin Race Report!
    I am also racing IM Arizona in a few weeks, see you out there and good luck!
    (PS: Stumbled across your blog through Sonja’s blog.)