Ironman Wisconsin Packing and Check-In!

Packing is one of the hardest things to do when traveling for a race.  Fortunately for me, Ironman Wisconsin is practically in my backyard, so I seriously packed almost everything I own that is triathlon related. I like to lay everything out on my bed, to make sure I have everything.  I started out with the important things, i.e race day essentials.  Also, to make sure I didn’t forget anything, I used a check list (thank you to Soas Racing for the AMAZING Ironman checklist!)

Just Race Day Stuff

Prior to my packing extravaganza, I had one final pre-race massage with Pierre Debar.  He has been massaging me for the last two years, and I honestly have to thank him for getting me to this start line, free of injury.  He has been the main reason for keeping my muscles happy and healthy.  After packing my whole triathlon life up, I had to make one last stop at Element Multisport to pick up a few nutrition things, that I was out of, i.e Bonk Breakers Peanut Butter Banana. Then it was up to Milwaukee, WI to see my parents, and have a healthy dinner!

New Element Multisport Skull Cap, and being silly on drive up to Wisco!

Almost forgot, prior to driving up to WI, I got a pre-race mani/pedi! Seriously, this is going to become a pre-race tradition for me, I love the pampering, and just having fun, colorful nails for race day!

Last night, we had a delicious salmon, veggie, and fruit dinner, that my mom made for us!  It was deliciously healthy! Thanks mom!

This morning, Scott and I drove over to Madison, and checked-in! I have been through plenty of race check-ins, but there is nothing quite like Ironman check-in.  It is VERY organized, but VERY spaced out.  There are tons of check points.

Check Point #1 Stand in line for USAT card verification or USAT one day purchase, and receive Bib #

Check Point #2 Bring Bib # card to waiver signing and stand in line again

Check Point #3 Fill out waivers, another long line, even if you brought your own pen (like myself:)

Check Point #4 Weigh-in

Check Point #5 Stand in-line, and wait to hand your waivers to someone

Check Point #6 Receive registration packet! (the most important check-in of them all), receive bike/run gear bags, bike/run special needs bags, morning clothes bag, swim cap, stickers, bibs, timing chip, and wristband

Check Point #7 timing chip verification

Check Point #8 banquet verification for either pre-race or post-race or both, or purchase tickets (I suppose this isn’t really a check point)

Check Point #9 pre-purchase finisher’s photo/plaque, etc (I suppose this isn’t really a check point either)

Then it filters you into the expo after that, where of course I had to purchase Ironman gear since this is my first one! So, I stood in another line for about 30min after picking out some new Ironman triathlon training gear.  That was tiring just typing it all out.  Needless to say, I was hungry at this point, and wanted to get off my feet, and out of the anxiety filling atmosphere of the expo.  I pretty much stuck to myself throughout the check point process, because there were too many people analyzing past races, this race, future races, injuries, how much they weighed in the weigh-in today, and last but not least people bragging about previous race times.  I very much welcomed getting in my own space, and getting in “my” zone.

Ironman Wisconsin finish line!

And then it was time to eat and head back to the hotel and put my feet up!

Well, I’ve napped, watched t.v, talked to coach, and well it’s just about time to eat again!  One more day before the BIG day!

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4 thoughts on “Ironman Wisconsin Packing and Check-In!

    • you have to train at least 15 hours a week i think thats not the case . it all depends on the insitnety of the training sessions and how well you take care of your body . my first ironman i trained 12 hours a week and did the ironman in 13hours and felt very good after that so dont get fooled with hours.. you can train long hours without putting in the intencity and that can be your down fall.. listen to your body eat well prepare well .

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