Chicago to San Francisco

Scott and I left late last night. Our flight left O’hare at 10pm, which means we landed in San Fran at 12:30am. I didn’t know if I was going to be able sleep at all, but I ended up sleeping all 4 1/2hrs!


On our way into SFO!

We then had to go to Hertz to pick up our rental car, and then drive into the city to stay at my friend’s place. We were nervous about parking but that was actually really easy. The hard part was getting into my friend’s apt. He had left his keys in an envelope and directions on which keys to use for which door. Scott and I spent about 20min trying to get the keys to work, and finally gave in and called my friend, Drew. He let us in. His buzzer is broken. Kind of a bummer. Apparently the doors are really hard to open, we practiced this morning, and Scott and I were still having trouble. We couldn’t believe Drew had to fidget with the keys and the doors everyday!

When we got into his apt, we immediately were out! We woke up this morning and got some breakfast at The Baglery, which is right across from Drew’s apt! Then it was time to take Scott to do some touristy stuff since he had never been to San Fran!


Lombard St.


Clam Chowder in a sourdough bread bowl


A caricature:).


And then we left and crossed the Golden Gate bridge to head to Sebastopol where we are staying this weekend for the big Vineman 70.3 race, in this cute cottage…


And now it’s time to get some shut eye before tomorrow’s festivities of preparing for swim, bike, run!