Pre-Race Rev3 Knoxville – Half Rev

Scott and I left on Thursday to head down to Knoxville, TN for my first race of the season, and a big one at that!  We decided to split up the drive on the way down, and then make the long 9hr drive in one shot on the way back.  So, we stopped in Lexington, KY to visit my friend Davis!  It was so fun to see her and her family!  We then made the 3hr drive down to Knoxville from there on Friday morning.  When we arrived, immediately we had no idea where we were going.  It’s always tough navigating a new city, and it can cause some frustrations, but we eventually started to get the hang of where things were.  We arrived a little early before the expo was to open, so we grabbed some lunch, and then thought we would go to the hotel and see if they would let us check in a little early.  That was a no go, so we just kind of meandered the city, and entertained ourselves until the expo opened up.

I got all checked in, and met @gosonja, which was a bonus!  Of course, I bought some goodies at the expo, it’s hard to resist some race swag.  And then we headed back to the hotel and chilled for the rest of the night.  We went to dinner at Noodles and Company, one of my favorites, and apparently they had just had their grand opening, so it was PACKED.  I seriously have been going to Noodles since I was a freshman in high school, which was 12yrs ago, and I had never seen it so packed, no where to sit, a line out the door, it was crazy!

Saturday: Woke up early to head down to the practice swim.  Ever since my experience at the Galena triathlon last year, I never miss an opportunity to test the water out before race day!  And of course, coach had it on the schedule too.  It was definitely going to be a wetsuit legal race, and before getting in there was no read on the water temperature, so I had no idea what I was going to be jumping into.  Here is how the wetsuit putting on process went:

Spray on some trijuice, or whatever product you use to make the process easier, and start at the feet…

Inch the wetsuit up (hint: try to pull on the inside, not the outside of the wetsuit)….

Ugh…it’s tight….pull!…you’re almost there!…

And it’s on!

Oh man…it’s time to jump in….everyone has been looking at little cold in the water!

And I’m in:)  Brrrr

Acclimating and practicing letting my feet come up behind me, so I am already be horizontal when the gun goes off!

And my practice swim begins…

Then it was time to head out on short bike ride, just to get the legs working, and to make sure my bike is working and in top notch condition!

Then it was time to head back to the expo, because on my bike when the guys at my local bike shop switched out my wheels (I rented wheels from them), they tightened up one of my brakes, and I was really annoyed because I don’t like my brakes tight!  Grrr….so I went to get that fixed, and during my practice ride, I was having to work really hard to go 15-16mph even on the downhill, and it felt like something wasn’t right.  Thank goodness, coach had this on the agenda because, when I took it to Elite Bicycles they fixed it up, and said that both front and back break pads were touching my wheels!  I went for another quick spin to double check, and yup got about 20mph on a downhill, and was spinning easy!  Yay!  Time to go check the bike in!

Then I went for a short run…again just to get my legs under me, and get the blood flowing.  Unfortunately my timing wasn’t great, and I ended up doing this in a total downpour!  But it actually felt good to run in the rain!

I cleaned up, and then went back to the Expo to stop by some of the booths that the pro’s were at, and to go to the pro meet and greet!  I follow all these pro’s on twitter, and I thought it would be fun to meet them in person!

Courtenay Brown, me, and Amanda Lovato (Team Trakkers girls)

Leanda Cave (Winner of the Pro’s Olympic distance race), Magali Tisserye (3rd place in the women’s pro race), and me

Pre-race day meals: breakfast – bonk breaker (pb&j), lunch – Chipotle, Dinner – Pizza!  And my stomach was full and happy!  I like to eat a lot of salty things before a race, and eat  A LOT, because I know I have a fast metabolism, and I want to go into the race not feeling hungry at all.

Then we went back to the hotel, I prepared all my race day essentials, bottles, race belt, etc., and then fell asleep to Beetlejuice, and Monsters Inc.:)

Next up….race report…stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Pre-Race Rev3 Knoxville – Half Rev

  1. Hi there!! I have been following your blog for the last couple of months and it is great! Congratulations on your race, it is a great season opener for you. I am looking forward to you realizing your “pro” dreams and becoming a great(er) ambassador for the sport of triathlon. Congrats again and good luck with the rest of your season!!

  2. Is that a pointy helmet you’re wearing there? ;-) Love the photos! Leanda Cave is really tall! Thanks for sharing all the pre-race excitement with us. Look forward to the race report!

    • haha….yea. You can borrow it if you want;) Leanda Cave is SUPER tall! If we were smart, we should have put her in the middle of the picture.

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