My Nanny’s 80th Bday Weekend and Balancing Triathlon Training

I was so excited to head down to Florida for Easter weekend, because I needed some sunshine.  And that is just what I got.  We arrived Friday afternoon to Tampa and drove to Innisbrook where we were staying for the weekend.  We then went to dinner at a local restaurant, where our waitress had had too much sun, and we were debating what kind of drugs she was addicted too, and she may have dropped a plate of salad down my back fortunately there was no dressing on it.  Other than that, it was fun getting together to celebrate my Nanny’s 80th bday, although the celebration wasn’t until Saturday on her actual birthday!

Saturday morning, Scott, my dad, and I headed down to Clearwater Beach.  I found a tri club that was doing an open water swim Saturday morning, and I asked if I could join them.  They kindly said yes.  It was perfect.  They set up 2 buoys, and we just swam back and forth along the shore in between the buoys.  This allowed me to really practice sighting, as well as work on turning around the buoys.

Getting ready to get in the water for my first open water swim in the season!  And I was so happy it was in Florida!  I didn’t need a wetsuit because the water was 82 degrees, and it was the ocean so I had that buoyancy factor due to the salt water.  I was pretty pumped!

I kind of forgot to bring a bright colored swim cap, because I’ve been swimming in the pool, but fortunately I survived;)

The group and me putting on the final touch my new metallic/tinted goggles!  And boy did I need those, because it was sunny out!

After my open water swim, I then headed out for a run along the beautiful path near Clearwater Beach.  I crossed over one of the bridges just like they did when the 70.3 world championships were held there.  I felt kind of cool, and was thinking about watching them back in November.  It definitely kept me motivated and in the moment on my run.  I cooled off in the ocean, headed to a local cafe for some breakfast and then we met up with everyone back at one of the pools in Innisbrook.  Scott and I were determined to get as much sun as possible while we were there, because we knew our time was short, and we were going to be heading back to Chicago in the morning.

That night we celebrated my Nanny’s (my mom’s mom, so my Grandma, but we call her Nanny) 80th birthday and her country club.  It was beautiful!  We got to dress up all spiffy, which is rare for me, in fact, I think everyone was surprised I didn’t come in my workout clothes;)

Scott, The Birthday Girl, and Me

My Sister and I Chatting

The Beginning of the Toasts

My Toast

My Nanny nicknamed me when I was very little Sunshine.  I told her I was just a “Ray” of her “Sunshine”, which is true.  I said that, I was a tomboy growing up, and my Nanny taught me elegance and grace and how to be a “lady”, and I thanked her for that.

We had so much fun!

Then I woke up early on Sunday, and went for a run, and then later played competitive swim games with my sister and Scott, before Easter brunch.  I thought it was going to be hard getting in my training over the weekend, before we went down, but as soon as we were there, it was easy.  The best thing about training, is that the mornings are always free, and generally no one wants to be up as early as I need to be in order to get my workouts done, so I never felt like I missed out on any of the socializing and catching up with family and friends.

The weekend was just what I needed heading into this last BIG week before Rev 3 Knoxville Half Iron in 3 weeks.  Mentally, I needed that Florida sunshine and heat, and I’m using that energy to get me through this rainy week here in Chicago.

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