Dream Sponsor #4 – TYR

When I was a little girl, between the ages of 7 and 12, I was on the club swim and diving team at our local Country Club (it was more of a tennis and swim club though because there wasn’t a golf course).  Anyway, I loved to swim even though I wasn’t that good.  I was best at the breast stroke, next best was fly, next best was free, and the worst was back stroke.  (I’m still bad at back stroke, which is why I generally choose to do elementary back stroke as my cool down on “choice” days).

My mom made me a scrapbook when I graduated from high school, and I scanned some of these pictures from the scrapbook pages.  I thought it would be fun to look back at the team swimsuits I had.

This was one of my favorite team swimsuits!  I wore this one until it was practically see-through.  This pic was taken when I was on a 5 day canoe trip in Canada with my family.  Clearly it was siesta time after a long day of paddling and portaging.

This is one of my favorite photos because this was when my brother and sister were on the swim team with me!  This may have been my first year on the swim team, but I’m not 100% sure.  This pic was taken when we were vacationing at the Jersey Shore (back before it became “The Jersey Shore”).

This pic was taken at the beach, after I had just been swimming, now trying to warm up:)  There is nothing as good as when your a little kid and getting all wrapped up in a big ol’ beach towel after swimming all day.  LOVE.

I always thought swim team suits were so cool!  And now that I’m swimming again, I still think they are so cool, and I swear I could buy a new one to wear every week, if I had those kinds of funds, but I don’t, so I still wear them til they almost get see-through and then buy new ones;)  Since I started triathlon I have been exclusively buying TYR swimsuits, and I LOVE them.  I love their patterns, their fit, and their quality.  I tend to buy grab bag swimsuits @ http://www.swimoutlet.com, and I always love the patterns and style that I get, and the surprise makes it fun too!  TYR is a class brand, and is an overall supporter and provider for triathlon.  That is why I would love to be sponsored by TYR!

The two swim suits I’d love to have although they aren’t grab bag, are:

I’d also love to try TYR’s two pieces in both these colors/styles, but unfortunately I haven’t found anywhere on a site where I can choose a different size top and a different size bottom, because I’m not the same on both.

I would love to be an ambassador of TYR! I am now a fish in the pool, and LOVE to swim!  Can’t wait to put all the hard work I’ve done in the pool so far to the test in my first race in Knoxville for the Rev3 Half in less than two months!

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2 thoughts on “Dream Sponsor #4 – TYR

  1. Oh my god this is such a clever post! I would totally send a link to TYR’s PR person and who knows maybe they will at a minimum give you a discount code! Love it!

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