Swimming and Nausea

So, I’m still trying to figure out the best pre-swim meal and the best time to eat.  I always make sure I don’t eat anything at least 1hr before swimming, unless I just have a gu or something.  Today, I had apple cinnamon oatmeal an hour before and I felt nauseous 30min in ruining my entire workout:(  I really think I need to start writing down what I eat before I swim, and at what time, so that I can see what works, because I have had successful days but I don’t remember what I had or how long I waited afterwards to go swimming.  I think for me, I have to include protein in my pre-swim meals.  A peanut butter and honey sandwich works for running and biking, I just don’t want to have one EVERY day.  I want to be able to change it up.  So, I want to find other options, although right now it’s looking like this might be my only option.

What do you eat before you swim and how long do you wait after eating it to go swimming?

I should add, that I get motion sickness very easily and I’m wondering if swimming in the water on some days may make it worse than others?  I really don’t want to take dramamine before I swim even if it’s non-drowsy simply because I don’t want to take it the day of races, because I don’t want it to mess me up. Do you have motion sickness?  Does swimming bother you? This is one reason why I don’t do flip turns too.  I know it slows me down to stop and turn but flip turns, churns my stomach.  I just want to get to the bottom of this, because I have had GREAT swimming days, and I’m so mad at myself for not writing down why it was successful so that every swim can be a success, but also I don’t swim at the same time every day because I have a very fluctuating schedule.  I’m excited to learn from you all!

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  • Shery

    i am so glad to read this. today i got only 9 minutes into my swim before i had to get out due to nausea. and could not finish. i will take the food into consideration (i usually don’t have trouble with food on my run or bike). i have that super sensitive stomach, motion sickness, etc. dehydration was another suggested culprit. hard to drink during an open swim! good luck =)

  • onyerbicycle

    Haven’t yet suffered nausea but get terrible dizziness. Not so scary once I get back onto dry land but a bit worrying when I stop to tread water in the middle of the sea. Don’t know what I’m going to do about this either.

  • Food and reactions to training to food are very hit and miss for people. Nothing works for everyone. You need to just experiment with different good options. As I said, my half bagel with nutella or cream cheese smear 30 mins before a workout gets me through it. I’m starving afterward, but it works for me.
    I suffer from Meniere’s syndrome an inner ear defect that can (and in me DOES) give vertigo attacks. It’s caused by electrolytic imbalances. If I eat something too salty (like a bowl of chips waiting for TexMex) i’ll have a vertigo attack. While I”ve never had an attack while swimming, for me the preventative solution has been to be almost maniacal about hydration. If I’m swimming more than 40 minutes, I’ll have a water bottle handy and drink as needed.
    Alternatively, since vertigo (and nausea) is the brain having trouble responding to sensory inputs about the surroundings, you may try ear plugs or an MP3 player for your swim workouts. THe first will dull the sensation of being in the water, the second will distract you.

  • I have an uber-sensitive stomach that acts up both when I swim and when I run, so I’ve made a rule that I’m not allowed to eat solid food in the two hours leading up to a workout. My personal go-to foods are oatmeal with banana, or a Luna bar, but the food diary is the key to finding out what works for you. Good luck!